July 11 2023 at 06:16PM

■■■■■ Cyber-Crime: Spain closes Pegasus investigation over ‘lack of cooperation’ from the (as they call themselves) only Jewish state; Israel.

The NSO group is a cyber-terrorist entity sponsored and supported by the state of Israel. The group acts as a broker as it (in chronological order):

0: At last

1. Buys exploits (from researchers globally as Zero-Days)

2. Adds these exploits into their remote control app popularly named as Pegasus (in iOS / apk format; the code of which was copied from a China based hacker group).

3. Sells it to entities (government and private firms) that are allowed by Israeli export laws for arms. They include selling it to drug cartels (indirectly at least), governments, private capitalist firms and other similar entities.

4. These entities in almost all cases do use the tool to target their opponents (diplomatic, political, civil servants or journalists) in order to spread their corruption, satisfy their greed and commit crimes like financial fraud, murders, oppression en-masse etc.

0: The initial money for the buying of exploits note comes from sales. Initially, the group used skills and tricks that were taught to the employees during their time in Unit 8200 of Israeli Defense Forces. Most employees related to hacking division of NSO are ex Israeli military . The unit 8200 is paid by government of Israel. But the money is not entirely or even mostly from Israel.

US has provided Israel with over 150 billion US dollars as aid which is pumped in to groups like unit 8200. Reference: https://sgp.fas.org/crs/mideast/RL33222.pdf