October 28, 2023 at 08:15PM

Cyber-Attack amid Israel-Palestine Cyber-War: Iranian state sponsored (as per Israeli sources) threat actor has allegedly compromised a data center pertaining to Israel with over 30TB of Data being wiped off in the attack.

The video was shared by the threat actor with technical detail.

Furthermore, a message was shared alongside the video PoC;

Thenceforth,you will suffer irreparable damage,We will punish you…
Also we destroyed more than 30 TB of data from different servers

מעתה תסבלו נזקים בלתי הפיך
אנחנו נעניש אתכם
במתקפה זו הרסנו יותר מ-30 טרה בייט של נתונים משרתים שונים