December 26, 2023 at 01:05AM

■■■■□ Disinformation: Meta owned Instagram censors Palestinian posts to such an extent that they are censoring ‘reels’ (videos) with Quranic verses. This is in addition to reels that just mention the word Palestine or similar by non Israeli account is shadow banned and it’s link is not displayed. So, as I post the telegram will get a response from Instagram API that the link preview is not available.

This is done by Jewish people at the social media organisations who work for Israel and Mossad has a division for them. They also run a telegram channel asking people to send any link critical of Israel. With over 90% of times, the following happens.

● The associated account is deleted.

● The reel is deleted.

● The reel is censored.

● The reel is shadow banned

This is amid ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza death camp in the world largest open air prison (as per Human Rights Watch;