March 30, 2024 at 07:56AM

The US Strengthens Cyber Security in the Indo-Pacific Region.

United States Marine Corps Cyber Command (MARFORCYBER) is being sent to the American base in Okinawa (Japan) to address the security of digital networks and critical US Marine Corps infrastructure in the Indo-Pacific region.

According to the latest version of the US Department of Defense Cyber Strategy, sustained communication is critical to future US military engagement.
As the White House military leaders like to say, Russia and China have significant cybernetic potential, which they are expected to use to “maintain chaos” at the beginning of armed conflict.

It is noted that cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, such as the water and energy sectors, medical institutions and defense enterprises in the Indo-Pacific region, could undermine the military potential of the US.

In this way, the US is seriously concerned with the protection of critical networks of advanced deployment (located in the zone of combat application of several regional opponents) To ensure that the chain of command can be guaranteed.