April 19, 2024 at 01:42PM

➡️ Unclassified: Killing humans based on their social media posts.

The AI-Assisted genocide (as documents of the first-time use of AI to kill humans emerge from active duty personnel in the Israeli army and their media outlets).

The documentary by Al-Jazeera news network was supported by content and news provided by two Israeli news networks, ‘+972 Magazine’ and ‘Local Call’. These agencies received information from active Israeli personnel (working IDF members) in the field that have access to the platform and its working. The whistle-blowers cited their conscience to report the unprecedented crime by IDF against the native muslim population of Palestine 🇵🇸 in Gaza and in Jenin, West Bank.

The AI system takes primarily 6 inputs from the Israeli military. In addition, it also uses Google Maps and other sophisticated software made by Google specifically for the support of Palestinian extermination (to which the engineers at google have protested publicly and were fired as a consequence). The recent modified ‘Lavender AI’ is called ‘Gospel’ and takes input from social media accounts of Palestinians. Any activity by a Palestinian in the past or present that is against the establishment of the Israeli regime is considered a worthy kill by the AI. The ‘Gospel AI’ does increase the kill chances of a person if he switched his SIM cards often. This information is provided by government and private companies and entities in Israel using their spyware and telecom hacking and spying software. The AI does take the amount of collateral damage into account while deciding the kill. The amount refers to no. of people (innocents) that will die in order to kill a legitimate target (eg. A person who switched SIM cards often).

The attack by Zionist Jews ✡️ using this AI has a way to feed the collateral damage. Those parameters have been set by the top echelon of the Zionist state. The results of over 50K killed Palestinians (non-alive people directly killed by Israel and non listed humans as in foetuses).