April 30, 2024 at 12:17AM

■■■■□ Cyber-Attack by Israel on Iran: the Jew* at work!

Stuxnet 2.0: Iran 🇮🇷 hit by new, more aggressive variant of powerful industrial control malware.

Initially created by United States’ 🇺🇸 NSA was used by Israel 🇮🇱 against Iranian nuclear plants and was an independent SCADA exploit toolkit.

It was modified by Israeli team trying to alter the code to make it aggressive, were caught as a result of lack of prowess. The exploit they modified was so bad that it literally created the most easy to find symptom. It caused the systems to reboot.

Unsurprisingly, the more aggressive Stuxnet is likely the work of another good for nothing, exploit-writer ✍️ who was again caught.

Gholamreza Jalali, head of Iran’s civil defence agency, said on Sunday that Iran had recently neutralised a new version of Stuxnet.

Recently, we discovered a new generation of Stuxnet which consisted of several parts … and was trying to enter our systems.

Jalali was quoted as saying by the semi-official ISNA news agency at a news conference marking Iran’s civil defence day. He did not give further details.

*The term Jew referring to the Zionist (as they call themselves) regime.