August 12, 2021 at 08:25PM

■■■■■ DEF CON 29 Main Stage Presentations:

1-Babak Javadi, Nick Draffen, Eric Bettse, Anze Jensterle – The PACS man Comes For Us All

2-Reza Soosahabi, Chuck McAuley – SPARROW: A Novel Covert Communication Scheme

3-Tomer Bar, Eran Segal – 2021 Our Journey Back To The Future Of Windows Vulnerabilities

4-Sick Codes – The Agricultural Data Arms Race Exploiting a Tractor Load of Vulns

5-Shir Tamari, Ami Luttwak – New class of DNS Vulns Affecting DNS-as-Service Platforms

6-Sheila A Berta – The Unbelievable Insecurity of the Big Data Stack

7-Roy Davis – No Key No PIN No Combo No Problem Pwning ATMs For Fun and Profit

8-Rotem Bar – Abusing SAST tools When scanners do more than just scanning

9-Richard Thieme AKA neuralcowboy – UFOs: Misinformation, Disinfo, and the Basic Truth

10-Richard Henderson – Old MacDonald Had a Barcode, E I E I CAR

11-Rex Guo, Junyuan Zeng – Phantom Attack: Evading System Call Monitoring

12-Paz Hameiri – TEMPEST Radio Station

13-Patrick Wardle – Bundles of Joy: Breaking MacOS via Subverted Applications Bundles

14-PatH – Warping Reality: Creating and Countering the Next Generation of Linux Rootkits

15-Orange Tsai – ProxyLogon Just Tip of the Iceberg, New Attack Surface on Exchange Server-@onhex_ir

16-Matthew Bryant – Hacking G Suite: The Power of Dark Apps Script Magic

17-Mars Cheng, Selmon Yang – Taking Apart and Taking Over ICS & SCADA Ecosystems

18-Laura Abbott, Rick Altherr -Breaking TrustZone M: Privilege Escalation on LPC55S69

19-Justin Perdok – Hi Im DOMAIN Steve, Please Let Me Access VLAN2

20-Jenko Hwong – New Phishing Attacks Exploiting OAuth Authentication Flows

21-Jeff Dileo – Instrument and Find Out: Parasitic Tracers for High Level Languages

22-James Kettle – HTTP2: The Sequel is Always Worse

23-Jacob Baines – Bring Your Own Print Driver Vulnerability

24-Ian Coldwater, Chad Rikansrud – Real Life Story of the 1st Mainframe Container Breakout

25-hyp3ri0n aka Alejandro Caceres Jason Hopper – PunkSPIDER and IOStation: Making a Mess-@onhex_ir

26-Hao Xing, Zekai Wu – How I use a JSON 0day to Steal Your Money on the Blockchain

27-David Dworken – Worming through IDEs

28-Cory Doctorow – Privacy Without Monopoly

29-Christopher Wade – Breaking Secure Bootloaders

30-Chad Seaman – UPnProxyPot: Fake the Funk, Become a Blackhat Proxy, MITM their TLS…

31-Brian Hong – Sleight of ARM: Demystifying Intel Houdini

32-Bill Graydon – Defeating Physical Intrusion Detection Alarm Wires

33-Ben Kurtz – Offensive Golang Bonanza: Writing Golang Malware